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KJN Wojan working the NKMAA Winter Challenge Course
NKMAA Grappling workshop

NKMAA offers several ways for students to train and advance in rank, and each is designed to fit your particular needs best. For some, the distance to our Dojang is not too far, and they can take advantage of the free training we offer during regular scheduled HQ classes. Others may be too far away to take advantage of this free service; however, they are as close to me as their computer and video camera. GM Timmerman, while he values the proven method of “on the mat” old time blood and sweat training, is progressive enough not to cling to ways that disregards today’s electronic opportunities; hence, we offer video conferencing, video testing, DVD training aids and more.

Long Distance Training $150.00 year - Click here for brochure
If you are without an Instructor and look to advance in rank, or if you simply want to add a Hap Ki Do program in your school, our LDT (Long Distance Training) “Band of Brothers” program can help you reach your goals.

NKMAA Seminars $300.00 Deposit
Contact NKMAA for more information!


Special Workshops $40.00 - Check our calendar
NKMAA occasionally hosts special workshops at our headquarters on a variety of topics. These workshops typically begin at 10:00 am and run to 5:00 pm with a one hour break.

NKMAA Summer Camp $75.00 - Click here for brochure
This is a unique training opportunity where members camp at GM Timmerman’s home for a three day weekend in August (watch for dates in our events page). There they set up their tents and train in a variety of Korean martial art activities just like old time outdoor training. For those who are ready, we offer an opportunity to test and be certified.


Members of the first LDT program pose with GM Timmerman after a hard weekend training

Hap Ki Do for Tae Kwon Do Schools:
Through our LDT program, school owners and instructors of related Korean Martial Arts can be fast tracked, much like respected Universities do, so they can offer a complete Hap Ki Do program in their own schools. Through hands on training at Seminars, the LDT program videos and conferencing, our Forum, and a curriculum development to suit your needs, you can expand on the knowledge you already have and quickly implement a solid Hap Ki Do program.

Curriculum Development - Click to contact us for details
Some schools do not presently have a Hap Ki Do program, and GM Timmerman can help you design a customized Hap Ki Do program that will suit your needs. Kuk Sool, Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do, or Kong Shin Bup™ Hap Ki Do are ALL forms of Hap Ki Do, and each contains the devastating joint locks and kicks that Hap Ki Do is so famous for. The differences between the three are documented in “Our Arts” web page. Look at your options there, and GM Timmerman will help you implement one of these great HKD programs in your school.

Internship training consists of full access to all KJMS classes, KJMS Master Instructors, and private lessons with
GM Timmerman. Lodging and food is not provided.

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