National Korean Martial Arts Association

While our Grading Board has Masters from many Korean martial art styles,

the main arts Grandmaster Timmerman teaches are Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do and

Kong Shin Bup™.


Kong Shin Bup™ was founded by GM Pak In Shyuk, and it encompasses the entire Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do curriculum plus some hard style aspects of Korean martial arts not found in modern day Kuk Sool. Thus, it can be called a true Kwan Yu Sool (hard/soft) style martial art.


The art is based on three distinctive traditional martial arts groups:

Koong Joong Mu Sool (Royal Court Martial Art), Bul Kyo Mu Sool (Buddhist Martial Art), and Sado Mu Sool (Tribal or Family Martial Art).


By employing the techniques developed by these three Korean martial arts groups, Kong Shin Bup™ practitioners learn blocking, striking, kicking, joint locks, falling, acrobatics, ancient weapons, Ki breathing techniques, and more.


When GM Pak founded Kong Shin Bup™, his idea was to develop his students into strong, agile, smart, but deadly fighters, and so the art contains high demands for fitness, breaking, and scholastic achievement; however, Grandmaster Pak never abandoned the Ki training developed by ancient Buddhist Monks. In fact, Grandmaster Pak was a graduate of Buddhist Philosophy from the Dong Kook University in Korea; hence, the Yu Sool (soft style) continues to be very much part of our training.


GM Timmerman continues to teach KSB as he was taught it by Grandmaster Pak, and he will forever be in debt to his teacher for sharing the art with him and passing it to him.


Realizing that the Navy Seal demands of Kong Shin Bup™ are not for everyone, Grandmaster Timmerman also continues to teach Kuk Sool and

Hap Ki Do at his school, and many of his Instructors are certified in those and/or other Korean arts. As such, we are in a great position to help a large segment of people interested in studying traditional Korean martial arts, and

we encourage you to come and join us!

National Korean Martial Arts Association
A tribute to Grandmaster Pak In Shyuk, founder of Kong Shin Bup™
Grandmaster Pak In Shyuk
1939 - 1989

Taken at the old “Bloor Street” school in Toronto. Note the picture of Canadian Maple Leaf on the wall and the faint outline of the Dragon we wore on the back of our Doboks. I still have the brochure that contains all of these photos.

Also note the Kuk Sool logo on the back wall indicating these photos were shot before the fall out with GM Suh.


The photo clearly indicates the heavy breaking expected at the “old” Dojang. KSB practitoners in my school are still expected to do heavy breaking.

Sadly, few photos, and very little inforation still exist of Grandmaster Pak, but his legacy lives on in his loyal students.


An unfortunate fire at my St. Joe Island home destroyed much of my personal photo gallery and 8 mm footage of

GM Pak.

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