National Korean Martial Arts Association

Dan Bong

(Short Stick)

Due to their custom order status, specialty items are not stocked, so order may take a while to complete.
For certain orders, you may be contacted by the person who creates the items.

From that moment on, all communication/shipping info regarding the order is between you and the creator of the item.

All orders for custom goods must be paid for in advance, as they are custom made for you and cannot be returned.


(Korean Fighting Fan)

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National Korean Martial Arts Association




NKMAA Good's

Juhl Bong

(Short Stick with Rope)

Jung Gum

(Straight Practice Sword)

6061 Aluminum Blade

Dan Gum (set of two)

(Short Practice Sword)

Brass Guard, SS Blade

Custom decal and art creation is also available.

Contact Grandmaster Kevin Janisse for more information on ordering Swords


The NKMAA and Kong Shin Bup logos will not be used in custom artwork without the written permission of GM Timmerman for NKMAA or GM Janisse for Kong Shin Bup.


HapKiDo, KukSool, TaeKwonDo, ect. can be used.