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LDT (Long Distance Training) Membership $150.00 per year.
Highly recommended for students who wish to learn the entire Kong Shin Bup or Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do curriculum. Members are given a special access code that enables them to visit video library segments that coincide with their rank. Just like in regular classes, proficiency will be checked via Skype or video exchange before moving on to the next segments you need in order to advance. The LDT program allows NKMAA members to advance and work on their own time schedule. Great for busy school owners who want to expand their knowledge, but who do not have the time and/or access to Instructors.

NKMAA offers several types of memberships, and each is designed to fit your needs best.

Membership and Rank Registration $35.00
Includes registration of rank, a one year membership, a wallet size ID card, NKMAA membership pin, the opportunity to learn devastating self-defense techniques, as well as authentic Korean weapons and "KI" training. NKMAA Black Belt members have unlimited access to free training privileges at HQ during regular hours, NKMAA seminars by GM Timmerman, NKMAA certification, and the opportunity to network and discuss whatever interests you with the Many NKMAA Masters and members on our face book page... all without politics!

Yearly Renewal $10.00
Members pay a yearly renewal fee of just $10.00 payable by January 1st of each year. This small fee enables us to send our members a "current" ID card for that year, and this in turn maintains the integrity of NKMAA rank. NKMAA members can thus proudly produce valid and current proof of rank, and falsifying records by wannabees is a thing of the past.

School Charter $50.00
A school charter is intended only for school owners who register at least ten students and use NKMAA goods or services on a continued basis. It can be likened to having the “wholesale account” many major companies offer.

The NKMAA School Charter includes registration of your school, a Charter School Certificate, one membership, ID card, an NKMAA Pin, all of the above mentioned privileges, 30% Discount on NKMAA certification, and 10% Discount on your students' memberships. Note! The Charter Status reverts to regular membership after one year inactivity; however, as long as you continue to use NKMAA goods and/or services, there are NO additional fees other than the Yearly Membership Renewal. Charter School owners are expected to collect the renewal fees from their students and send an electronic picture (in Dobok) of renewing members. New ID cards are mailed to your school.

NKMAA certificates, some even bearing GM Timmerman’s own signature, have been illegally copied directly from our website and are offered for sale on the net by the sites listed in our side bar.


We ask for your help by telling us of any other sites you might come across, so we can expose these frauds here in our “hall of shame”.

Honorary Membership and Certificate: No Fee
On rare occasions, NKMAA may, on behalf of our members, award an honorary membership to non-martial artists who deserve to be recognized for extraordinary public service.

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