I am very picky about appointing Directors for NKMAA, and since 1974 this status has been given to very few.


It is my sincere hope that I will be able to add more names to this elite list of humble and dedicated martial artists; however, I will continue to insist that NKMAA Directors are dedicated and loyal martial artists who practice the highest standards in our industry.

NKMAA Directors
Out of all NKMAA members, we are not many; however, we are dedicated to serve

Chief Master Kevin Janisse - NKMAA Oregon
Chief Master Janisse has studied with GM Timmerman for nearly 30years, and is the future inheritor of the art of Kong Shin Bup and the NKMAA. He operates a school with his wife Debbie KJN and his sons KSN Samuel and Matthew.


Master Thomas Gordon - NKMAA Florida
Master Gordon is a 6th degree Tae Kwon Do Master who operates the very successful Gordon Martial Arts school with his wife Lisa SBN and his loyal student KJN Greg Bledsoe.


Master Doug Custer - NKMAA Ohio
Master Custer has studied with GM Timmerman for more than thirty years, and he was one of the first KSB black belts in his old school. He travels consistently to HQ to continue his training.


Master Rich Wojan - NKMAA Michigan
Master Wojan began his studies with KJN Janisse; and, when KJN Janisse moved away, he took over the Charlevoix school. KJN Wojan is one of the rocks that are the foundation of NKMAA.


Master Dusty Miner - NKMAA Ontario
Master Miner passed his Masters degree in Tae Kwon Do at NKMAA headquarters in a grueling two day test the likes of which few can manage. He made us all proud that weekend :)


Master Jelte De Graaf - NKMAA Netherlands
Master DeGraaf and his son Paul operate the NHA in Groningen Holland. KJN DeGraaf runs a tight ship, and his students are a great example of what Hap Ki Do should be all about.


Master Jeremy Tillman -NKMAA Alberta
Master Tillman is a very competent HKD practitioner. Despite being an Assistant Master, GM
Timmerman asked him to become an NKMAA Director because of his Jung Shin attitude and skill.


Master Robert Ott - NKMAA Washington
Master Ott is s story by himself. He overcame obstacles in life few of us will ever have to deal with, and I am proud to list him as an NKMAA Director.



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K. Janisse

7th dahn KSB


T. Gordon

6th dahn TKD


D. Custer
6th dahn KSB











R. Wojan
5th dahn Kuk Sool


D. Miner
6th dahn TKD

J. DeGraaf
6th dahn HKD





J. Tillman
5th dahn HKD

R. Ott
6th dahn HKD



National Korean Martial Arts Association