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Our curriculum is organized to incorporate all of the techniques of the Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do system; however, it is spread over all of the ranks... right up to 8th dahn. The degree of difficulty of the test depend solely on the Art you wish to be certified in. For example, certification in Kuk Sool incorporates all the material of the curriculum presented here, but we do not require the heavy breaking and fitness requirements asked for in Kong Shin Bup™ certification. On the other hand, Hap Ki Do certification does not require the Forms and certain Weapons applications. In this manner, the curriculum shown below can be used for testing in all three arts. You simply cross out that part of the requirements listed on the sheet that is not required for certification in the art requested.


The techniques listed on this curriculum sheet are by no means all of the techniques taught, it simply is the minimum we expect our students to know. We have done this to avoid the heavy front end load we see in so many arts. Students are overwhelmed by the sheer number of techniques asked for at ranks below the level of Master, and then there is nothing new to learn after that. Not so in our system! Our students learn a reasonable amount of forms, techniques, weapons etc. that they can fully absorb into useful knowledge during the “time in rank” schedule normally accepted in the martial art industry. In our humble opinion, quantity over quality does not make for good students, nor will it help you to learn hundreds of techniques you can’t remember to use in a self-defense situation.

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