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The gold embossed borders on the NKMAA black belt certificates glimmer at a Black Belt Promotion ceremony
NKMAA Geup Certificate
Beware of Fraud!

NKMAA, because of GM Timmerman’s strict standards, is very picky about certification it awards or accepts as proof of rank while perusing an application to join. We are not biased or look down on anyone, we simply follow our own standards. In this manner, the certificates we award keep their meaning and value to us. Some organizations are well known for “selling” rank without proof of skill. NKMAA does not accept such documents as legitimate proof of rank.

We offer training and certification based on hard work and time in rank. If you are willing to work for it, or if you send us documents that are based on hard work, we can help you. If you want to get it without the work, we suggest you keep shopping. You’ll find no 20yr old “masters” in NKMAA.

Charter School Owners, be sure to use the charter school order form to receive your discount!

Geup Certification (pack of 25) $30.00
NKMAA Geup certificates are truly of extraordinary quality, and our award winning design is a big hit with students.

Certificates bear your own school name; however, they are endorsed and backed by a reputable organization.

Dahn Level Certificates
First Dahn
Second Dahn
Third Dahn
Fourth Dahn
Fifth Dahn
Sixth Dahn
Seventh Dahn
Eighth Dahn

Master Custer’s proudly holds the

reward for his many hours of hard

work during the examination.

NKMAA Dahn Certificates

NKMAA dahn certificates are gold foil embossed on heavy parchment paper, and the 16x20 size is just right for framing. They are not only exquisite to look at, they are meaningful. NKMAA does not participate in the exchange of certificates for friendship, nor do we issue them to people unwilling to prove their skills or knowledge. Our members work hard for their rank, and in honor of their hard work we do not lower the value of our certificates for any reason. To reward such hard work, we have designed and produced what we believe the most beautiful certificates in the industry. Nothing we have seen compares to an NKMAA Black Belt certificate. You’ll be proud to display it!

Instructor Certification $50.00
Let’s face it, not all Black Belts are Instructors, because it takes special training and personality qualities not all Black Belts have. With this in mind, NKMAA offers certification for those dedicated individuals who deserve just that little extra. Besides that, your members will appreciate knowing that they are taught by an NKMAA certified Instructor.

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